Mar 20, 2014

OneDX Unveils Google Glass as New Platform for Mobile Access to Patient Images and Health Information

Smart Glasses Harness OneDX Capability to Provide Secure Access to Medical Imaging Studies from PACS and EMRs from any Mobile Device 

STRATFORD, Conn. - (March 20, 2014) The New Medical Product Server unveiled at the HIMSS14 Annual Conference and Exhibition a new platform: Google Glass for its OneDX® mobile imaging management solution, enabling physicians quick access to medical reports, inpatient location and exam scheduling information from the Internet-connected eyewear. The OneDX Glass app emerges as The New Medical Product Server finalizes its partnership with Intelerad Medical Systems Inc. to equip its base PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) with the OneDX Patient CD Uploader and Push to PACS software application. OneDX facilitates rapid downloads of multiple studies simultaneously from any iOS or Android device, letting health care providers scroll through images taken at different times and collaborate with peers from the same or different locations in real time. 

Deployable in HIPAA-compliant environments, OneDX has optimized the PACS system used by Tacoma, Wash.-based TRA Medical Imaging, whose image management responsibilities for 12 Department of Corrections sites includes uploading and editing patient demographic histories, and searching archives before automatically transferring images to the PACS,  avoiding the expense of ordering redundant procedures.   Shelton, Conn.-based Advanced Radiology Consultants (ARC) relies on OneDX to facilitate consulting among radiologists in a network comprising seven outpatient imaging centers in southern Connecticut and two hospitals, Yale New Haven Health System’s Bridgeport Hospital and Ascension Health’s St. Vincent Medical Center.  “We are often asked to review cases by one of the other radiologists in the practice or by a referring physician,” said Dr. Gerard Muro, Director of Neuroradiology and Chief Medical Information Officer at Advanced Radiology Consultants.  “With the OneDx mobile apps, we have access to cases whenever and wherever we need to. This could potentially have lifesaving implications when time is critical. “

The fully customizable OneDX solution integrates seamlessly with multiple EHR (Electronic Health Records) and other critical interfaces in less than 24 hours without the need to install additional client-side hardware, enabling both physicians to quickly catalog images from patient CDs and patients to easily retrieve and export medical reports and images for third-party consultations. Unlike competitor solutions, OneDX can simultaneously download hundreds of images from multiple studies for review during mission-critical events such as surgeries or for live videoconferencing. The application’s proprietary software includes the following features and benefits:

  • Zero Footprint Viewer, which enables easy access to images and reports from Web browsers on Macs or PCs and integrates seamlessly with PACS, EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) and patient and physician portals, without the labor and expense of additional hardware.
  • Image Sharing, which allows patients and physicians to share medical images in and out of network.
  • Patient App Engagement, which gives patients the capability of viewing and managing imaging exams remotely with the OneDX mobile app.
  • Cost Savings, which facilitates collaboration between institutions, expediting patient care.
  • Single Codebase, which can be deployed across all mobile platforms and operating systems to facilitate rapid updates and assure a consistent user look and feel.
  • Native App, which allows users to search and import images from disparate systems and view and share them, without relying on an external referral service such as Dropbox.
  • Patient CD Management Tool, which provides access to an image record library and avoids the cost of burning and transporting CDs or performing redundant procedures.
  • EMR/Patient Portal Integration, which allows patients to view medical images from any Web browser, export or share images and upload and attach relevant documents to profiles.

OneDX Google Glass App Demonstration at HIMSS14 Conference 
The New Medical Product Server demonstrated its OneDX Google Glass platform at the HIMSS14 Annual Conference and Exhibition (HIMSS Booth No. 4392) February 24-26 in Orlando, Fla.

About The New Medical Product Server
Established in 2008, The New Medical Product Server provides innovative solutions to overcome the biggest challenges within diagnostic medical imaging and patient health information access. In May 2012, the Stratford, Conn.-based company established a development partnership with Advanced Radiology Consultants, facilitating access to clinical expertise and testing of its products in a clinical environment that provides General X-ray, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, Ultrasound, MRI, CT, PET and Nuclear Medicine services.

OneDX demo apps for iPhone, iPad and Android are available by request for demo use only. For more information about OneDX, visit and 

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