Nov 15, 2016

OneDX® Breakthrough Technology Improves Physician-Patient Experience New York Radiology Practice Implements Proprietary Image and Report Sharing Platform; Sees $500k in Operational Efficiencies

New York Radiology Practice Implements Proprietary Image and Report Sharing Platform; Sees $500k in Operational Efficiencies

Fairfield, CT – (November, 2015) OneDX, the revolutionary medical image software application suite developed by The New Medical Product Server, has announced that Long Island-based radiology provider Zwanger-Pesiri is transforming the way it is delivering its healthcare and interacting with patients using the OneDX multi-platform image sharing technology. In the process, the practice is achieving record levels of patient volume, physician-patient engagement and patient referrals, while significantly slashing the practice’s annual operating costs. The OneDX technology represents the next generation in electronic and personal health records (EHR/PHR) and brings new levels of consultative, administrative and operational efficiency to today’s medical practice.

“Our partnership with Zwanger-Pesiri offers a tremendous case study in how smart technologies can revolutionize the delivery of healthcare,” said Kayo Olufowobi, President and CEO of The New Medical Product Server. “They are one of the most respected names in radiology, known for investing in state-of-the-art technology. To have them select our solution and to see the benefits they have achieved, even at this early stage, is really quite gratifying. It’s a tremendous validation of our model.”
With OneDX, physicians and patients can securely access and share medical images, reports and information from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world, using Windows, iOS or Android systems. For Zwanger-Pesiri, a 17 location, 55 physician radiology practice treating more than 10,000 patients a week, the technology provides a seamless interaction between physician and patient, regardless of location.

Once a procedure has been conducted, reports are uploaded to a secure platform and an alert is sent to the patient informing them results are available for viewing. Next, patients access an easy-to-use secure portal to view and share images with their physician. Physicians and patients also have options to communicate via fax, email or even videoconference. The OneDX technology is also integrated with pathology labs on Long Island, including with Long Island Pathology. Physicians are able to access a single portal to view patient images, reports and notes from a single source rather than the practice of separate reporting mechanisms currently in use. This significantly streamlines the process and speeds the course of treatment for suspected abnormalities. Zwanger-Pesiri estimates the efficiencies they have achieved using OneDX to be more than $500,000 per year.

And not only have these features helped Zwanger-Pesiri grow more steadily, increasing their weekly visits by an average of 3000 patients, they have also contributed to an increasing number of referrals, which have spiked dramatically since the OneDX implementation. “From a physician’s perspective, the ability for us to instantaneously access patient information anywhere, at any time and from any place, using any computer or mobile platform is Next Generation medicine at its finest,” said Dr. Stephen L. Mendelsohn, one of the practice’s owners and primary radiologists. “We can literally deliver the consultative portion of healthcare on-the-go, wherever physicians and patients are located. It has been transformative, and physicians are wanting to be a part of the transformation.”

Dr. Edmond Knopp, Zwanger-Pesiri’s Executive Vice President of Clinical Operations, is one of them. Knopp, who frequently travels abroad, says that while working at overseas facilities, he routinely attempts to access patient records using a standard picture archiving and communication system (PACs). “Unfortunately, they typically fail,” said Knopp. “Now, using the OneDX platform, I am able to successfully and quickly view patient images. This is a robust solution.” 

From a technology standpoint, Zwanger-Pesiri’s Chief Information Officer Joe Funaro says OneDX represents one of the most powerful platforms he has seen in the marketplace. “As a medical practice, we are always looking to adopt new technologies that will benefit our physicians and patients on the front end, while enhancing our information systems on the back end. OneDX delivered on both fronts.”

Funaro said none of the other providers he reviewed was able to integrate with Zwanger-Pesiri’s legacy systems. “We would have had to essentially build an infrastructure from scratch and that was cost prohibitive.” He liked that OneDX was able to layer on top of their existing system and then customize applications to meet the exact needs of the practice, from cosmetic and branding features to diagnostic and administrative functionality.

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