OneDX is a software application suite that enables doctors and patients to securely access and share medical images and reports quickly and easily on any device from anywhere in the world.





OneDX is a universal viewer that can connect to any vendor archive. OneDX is 100% Zero Footprint and requires no client side installation. View patient images and reports from any web browser.  Image enable patient and physician portals without the need to create duplicate image archives.




OneDX -  Email Secure Link to Patient or Other Doctors | Reports | Medical Images. OneDX allows the sharing of images within and across organizational boundaries.

Vendor Neutral

OneDX is Vendor Neutral and can connect to Any/Multiple RIS, PACS, EHR or EMR 


OneDX Interfaces Disparate Systems......
OneDX enables interoperability amongst disparate vendor systems. Connect and search across multiple imaging archives, EHRs and EMRs for patient results.

Physicians, Patients and Healthcare Providers Securely Access and Share Medical Images and Reports Quickly Within and Out of Network on Any Device from Anywhere in the World..

Use Case: Physician Portal

No one knows the advantage of the OneDX portals better than Zwanger-Pesiri, a New York radiology practice with 20 imaging centers and 55 radiologists on staff. The practice treats more than 10,000 patients a week. The results and images of exams performed at any Zwanger-Pesiri facility are automatically available on the Physician Portal for access within 3 hours. Physicians simply log on with unique usernames and passwords and are able to search for both new and prior patient results on the portal. 


Use Case:  Patient CD Elimination

One practice that significantly cut it’s operational costs during the past last 2 years is Advanced Radiology Consultant’s of Connecticut. ARC provides services at 7 outpatient imaging centers spread across southern Connecticut.The practice has noted a significant spike in the number of patients using its Patient Portal. Some industry statistics show radiology practices with targets of 60 to 80 patient sign-ups per week for portal functions.

Use Case: Teleradiology Services

Deployable in HIPAA-compliant environments, OneDX has optimized the PACS system used by Tacoma, Wash.-based TRA Medical Imaging. OneDX expedites imaging interpretations at 12 Department of Corrections sites across the state of Washington.