Jan 15, 2016

OneDX is Changing the Way Healthcare is Delivered in the U.S.

Fairfield, CT – (January, 2016) OneDX, the revolutionary medical image software application suite, continues to break new ground in the way physicians deliver healthcare to patients. With OneDX, physicians and patients can securely access portals to obtain real-time medical results, including sharing medical images, reports and information from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world, using Windows, iOS or Android systems.

The portals are easy to access and easy to use. Once a procedure has been performed, referring physicians can access the portal to view patient images, reports and notes from a single source rather than separate reporting mechanisms, which used to be the standard procedure. Alerts are automatically sent to their patients informing them results are available for viewing. From here, patients access their patient portal to view and share images and reports with other doctors or healthcare providers.

No one knows the advantage of the OneDX portals better than Zwanger-Pesiri, a New York radiology practice with 20 imaging centers and 55 radiologists on staff. The practice treats more than 10,000 patients a week. Zwanger-Pesiri’s use of the OneDX portal has significantly streamlined the administration and delivery of healthcare, helping the practice save more than $500,000 per year.

Not only have these features helped Zwanger-Pesiri grow more steadily, increasing their weekly visits by an average of 3000 patients, they have contributed to a growing number of referrals, which have spiked dramatically since the OneDX implementation. The number of referring physicians to Zwanger-Pesiri has grown to over 30,000, with close to 4000 physicians accessing the OneDX portal on a daily basis. “From a physician’s perspective, the ability to instantaneously access and share patient information anywhere, at any time, from any place, using any computer or mobile platform is Next Generation medicine at its core,” said Dr. Stephen L. Mendelsohn, chief executive officer. “We can literally deliver the consultative portion of healthcare on-the-go, wherever physicians and patients are located. It has been transformative for our practice.”

Another New York medical facility reaping the benefits of the OneDX portal is the 591-bed Winthrop-University Hospital. Winthrop is among the first medical centers in the country to offer breakthrough CyberKnife technology, a noninvasive procedure that has transformed radiosurgeries of the brain, spine and soft-tissue. Radiation oncologists at Winthrop have begun using the OneDX physician portal to access images and reports instantaneously rather than waiting on imaging exams to arrive via computer disk. The outcome is their CyberKnife patients are beginning treatment regimens up to 5 days earlier than before.

OneDX founder Kayo Olufowobi estimates more than 1.5 million cases are managed via the portal annually. He says engagement has exceeded his own ambitious projections, with patients accessing records and sharing more than 300,000 cases to date. “As with medicine itself, our technology has come a long way in a short amount of time.”

Contact: Kayo Olufowobi