Dec 03, 2014

OneDX® and LI Path Join Forces to Produce First-of-its-Kind Reporting for Pathology-Radiology Specialties

Stratford, CT and Chicago, IL – (December 3, 2014) The New Medical Product Server has announced the partnership of its revolutionary multi-platform medical image software application suite OneDX, with Long Island Pathology (LI Path) one of the top anatomic pathology laboratories in New York, to produce the first-of-its-kind combined reporting capability for the pathology and radiology medical specialties. Once fully integrated, physicians will be able to access a single portal to view patient images, reports and notes from a single source rather than the practice of separate reporting mechanisms currently in use.

“Our partnership with LI Path proves the adaptability of the OneDX solution,” said Kayo Olufowobi, President and CEO of The New Medical Product Server. “This is a great opportunity for us to bridge the digital divide that still exists in many parts of the healthcare continuum. And, it demonstrates just how easily our technology can positively impact medical specialties beyond radiology.”Currently most, if not all, pathology and radiology functions operate on parallel reporting structures. Biopsies are conducted at the patient-level and sent to pathology labs for testing. Once completed, the pathology report is delivered manually to radiology where radiologists must dictate their own findings into the report. The new OneDX-LI Path platform combines the reporting environment into one easy-to-use, easy-to-understand system. An embedded flagging functionality will alert physicians to urgent cases, such as cancer or other serious abnormalities.

“This is a breakthrough moment for the pathology and radiology specialties,” said Ken Cerney, Chief Executive Officer of LI Path. “Never before has this sophistication of reporting been made available to physicians. It will significantly enhance their work, as well as their ability to rely on accurate patient information from a single source without the risk of competing or conflicting interdepartmental reports. It’s a giant step forward.”

Cerney is anxious to have LI Path embrace the new platform and envisions significant workflow efficiencies, including minimizing transcription errors, a reduction in paper reports and a significant uptick in time savings. “Our testing has thus far exceeded our own demanding expectations. We can’t wait to launch this across our enterprise,” says Cerney. LI Path currently works with more than 200 physicians and hospitals throughout the United States.

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OneDX provided demonstrations of their technology in Booth #8517 at the 2014 RSNA Annual Meeting, November 30-December 5, in Chicago. OneDX founder Kayo Olufowobi was featured in a roundtable discussion “Empowering Patients and Improving Communications” during the RSNA convention

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